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 Furane Resin Cement    

(Furacor 500-Normal ) (Furacor 501-Carbon filled)


Furacor-500 is a two component cement based on Furane Resin and graded Silica fillers with a catalyst. The hardened cement exhibits resistance to all non oxidising acids dilute oxidising  acids and has a temperature resistance upto 175
oC. Furacor 501 is a two component cement based on Furan resin and graded carbon fillers with a catalyst. The hardened cement exhibits good chemical resistance to non oxidising acids,alkalies and solvent and HF. The cement is resistance upto 175oC.


The Furacor 500 cement is an ideal choice for laying and pointing of ceramic tiles where non oxidising acids, dilute oxidising acids,solvents and alkalies used for neutralising reaction. Furacor 500 should not be used where HF, strong alkalies are encountered, instead Furacor 501 should be used.

Pretreatment of the Substrate Surface 

Steel and concrete should not come in direct contact with Furacor cement. such surface should be provided with protective membrane based on epoxy, polyurethane or a vinyl ester, or otherwise provided with a layer of PIB film, rubber, bitumen etc.

If the tiles are laid hollow pointed in composition which react alkaline , these pointing composition must be set and dry. The hollow points which are cut right angled and are atleast 15mm and where possible 5 to 8mm deep, should be clean and dry and should be treated with acid before jointing. where cement mortar based on epoxy has been used as a laying component it should be given an acid treatment with 10% alcoholic hydrochloric acid and where cement based on potassium silicate, the acid treatment should be with 20% Alcoholic sulphuric acid. The hollow joints which have been treated with acid must be dry before pointing with Furacor cement.

Mixing Ratio & Method of Use

Furacor 500 : 1 part of liquid to 3 parts of powder

Furacor 501 : 1 part of liquid to 1.7 to 2 parts of powder

The Liquid is taken in the pan and the powder is added and mixed lump free until the cement composition is completely homogeneous. Because of the exothermic nature of the reaction the cement should be kept spread out. The pot life depends upon the processing temperature. At 30
oC, it is about 15 to 20 Minutes, and it is reduced at higher temperature and increased at lower temperatures.

At hot building sites only small amount of cement should be mixed to avoid uncontrolled exothermic reactions. Moisture even in the form of water vapours is harmful to cement which has not yet hardened, care should be taken that the working site remains dry and warm until the cement has completely hardened. The use of transportable hot air blowers or IR Lamps are advantageous.

Working and Initial setting times

Temp              :   21
oC            26oC              32oC
Working Time    :  30-40 Min      20-30 Min       15-20 Min
Setting Time    :   24 Hrs.         18 Hrs.            12 Hrs.

Tiled surface and massonary linings cemented with Furacor-500 should not be used until a week after completion. In order to achieve good chemical resistance to solvents and alkalies, a heat treatment with hot blowers or IR lamps should be provided for about 8 to 12 Hrs. The heat treatment should be provided after the initial setting has been completed. while carrying out jobs for effluent treatment tanks, the after heat treatment is strongly recommended.


Before the cement sets, the remaining material can be removed with Methyl Ethyl Ketone or Acetone after treatment of the laid cement.Furacor-500 cement that has hardened at room temperature for 7 days exhibits a high degree of chemical resistance for achieving the optimum resistance particularly to solvents and alkalies, a thermal after treatment is recommended.

Physical Properties of the Cement


Compressive Strength    :    400-450 Kg/cm2

Flexural Strength          :     80 Kg/cm2

Bond Strength              :    15 Kg/cm2

Water Absorption          :    less than 0.5%


Density                       :     1.6 to 1.7 gm./cm3

Flexural Strength            :   130 Kg/cm
2 after 8 days of curing

Compressive Strength    :     600 Kg/cm
2 after 8 days of curing
                                       700 Kg/cm
2 after 28 days of curing

Water Absorption          :     less than 0.2%

The Tests are conducted as per IS:4456 (Part I) & the result confirms to 
IS:4832 (Part II)


Store Furacor 500 Liquid resin and powder in a cool , dry place. Original unopened container/packing of liquid resin and powder has a shelf life of 12 months and 6 months respectively. 

Furane Polymer Concrete Furane Resin Cement

Furacor-500 is a two component cement based on furane resin and graded silica fillers with a catalyst
Furane Polymer Sealants Furane Graphite Cement

FG Cement is a two component cement based on Furan Resin
Furane Polymer Graphite Phenolic Cement

Furacor-400 phenolic cement is a thermo setting plastic , based on a composition of phenol formaldehyde resin 
Furane cement Potassium Silicate Based Cement

Silicor-501 is a self hardening silicate cement mortar based on Potassium.
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