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Phenolic Cement (Furacor 400-Silical Filled)
                               (Furacor 401-Carbon filled)

Furacor-400 Phenolic cement is a thermo setting plastic , based on a composition of phenol Formaldehyde resin and insert non asbestos silicate fillers. It is generally recommended for service in the  mineral  acids, salts and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons

Physical Data

FURACOR-400 meet IS:4832 (Part II) for Phenolic Resin based cements. The properties are as follows :

Working time at 27oC +- 2oC                          20 Mins
Flexural Strength at 7 days mix Kg./Cm
Compressive strength at 7 days mix Kg/Cm
2      350
Bond Strength mix, Kg/Cm
2                            10
Water absorption (%by Wt.)                           1.00%

The tests are conducted as per IS:4456 (Part I) & the result confirms to IS:4832 (Part II)


FURACOR-400 is prepared by combining FURACOR-400 liquid resin and FURACOR-401 powder to form a workable mix. The mixing ratio is 1 part liquid resin to 3 parts powder by weight. The ratio and workability will vary slightly, depending on ambient temperature, working conditions and the users preference.

Method of Use

Stir the FURACOR-400 liquid resin thoroughly in the container packing before use. Place one part of FURACOR-400 liquid in the vessel and then three parts by weight of FURACOR-400 powder and mix thoroughly to obtain a smooth workable mortar. Batch size can be varied depending upon the temperature and the speed with which the mechanics/technicians are working . Caution is required however, for larger the batch size the  shorter the working life due to exothermic heat evolved. Very large batches will become stiff very rapidly.


Pretreatment of the substrate surface is similar to that for our Furane resin cement. Furacor-400 cement is spread on to the acid resistant brick using the brick layers method. Brick should be clean and dry and at a moderate temperature before being laid. During and after completion , the installation area must be dry and free from foreign matter such as construction dirt etc. which may interfere with the setting of the cement. The mortar should be allowed to cure for a period of seven days before putting the same to service.

Standard Packing

FURACOR 400 Liquid---30 Kg Carboys.

FURACOR 400 Powder- 50 Kgs Polythene lined HDPE Bags

Note : FURACOR 401 (Carbon Filled) is a carbon filled phenolic cement and exhibits all the chemical and physical properties of FURACOR-400. The mixing ratio of liquid to powder is 1.2 to 2.2 . FURACOR-401(carbon filled) is used for specialised situation where FURACOR-400 cannot be used like Hydrofluric Acid conditions.

Special Precautions

FURACOR-400 or 401 Phenolic Liquid is susceptible to temperature. Under room temperature conditions auto polymerisation of the liquid starts and the liquid will gel making it useless for application. Hence store the liquid in a cold storage(5oC) when not in use.


FURACOR-400 or 401 powder may cause irritation and allergic respiratory responses.FURACOR 400 or 401 liquid may cause skin and eye irritation and contamination with strong acids will cause violent reaction with the heat. Keep away the liquid from heat and direct sunlight, use protective gloves while preparing the mortar in an  adequately ventilated area.

First Aid

In case of eye contact with FURACOR-400 liquid, wash with water immediately and get medical attention. Skin contact should be washed with plenty of water. In case of respiratory problems shift workmen to fresh air.

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