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Furane-Graphite Cement
(FG Cement)


FG Cement is a two component cement based on Furane Resin. The hardened cement is black in colour and its electrical and heat conductivity is between that of metals and insulators. In respect of heat resistance, FG Cement is considered to be much  superior to the similar cements. It is stable up to 175oC and brief exposure up to 200oC. The hardened fully cured cement has superior chemical resistance to alkalies,solvents and limited resistance to oxidising acids and gases.


FG cemnt is an ideal choice for laying and pointing of ceramic, Graphite and carbon tiles and blocks to form chemically,thermally and mechanically resistant linings for reaction vessels and equipments in chemical industries. The hardened cement exhibits good chemical resistance to acids, dilute oxidising acids,solvents and alkalies.

Physical Properties

Working Time              :     20 Minutes at 30oC
Compressive Strength   : 
    600 Kg/cm2 at 30oC
Flexural Strength         :     120 Kg/cm
Bond Strength            :      15 Kg/cm
Water Absorption        :      less than 0.5%  

The tests are conducted as per Is:4456 (Part I) & the result confirms to IS:4832 (Part II)

Chemical Resistance 

A chart can be availed on request

Pretreatment of the Substrate Surface

The substrate surface and the metal should be thoroughly cleaned to ward off rust and other foreign particles either by sand blasting or conventional methods of cleaning. The cleaned surface should be applied with a protective monolithic membrane.

The selection of the protective membrane depends upon the temperature and chemical condition. The cement should not, under any conditions , be directly applied on to the metal surface because of the presence of the acid catalyst.

Mixing Ratio

One part of Furane Resin and one and half part of Graphite powder.

Method of Use

Furane Resin and Furane Graphite powder should be mixed lump free until the cement composition is completely homogeneous. (Please note that the cement should have Butter-like consistency, it should be neither be too loose nor to tight.)
The open pot life depends upon processing temperature. The pot life at 30
oc, for a weight of 1 Kg of cement mix (400gm of Resin and 600gms of powder) is about 25 to 30 minutes. The pot life is less if the processing temperature is high and vice versa. Because of the exothermic nature of reaction, small quantities of resin and powder should be mixed at a time. The total mix will be about 400 gms of Resin to 600 gms of Powder. Moisture, even in the form of water vapor is harmful to cement, which has not yet hardened. Care should be taken so that the work site remains dry and warm.

Procedure for Laying the Tile

The mixed lump free cement should be troweled to a thickness of 3 to 4 mm on to the substrate. The cement is troweled on to the back of the tile and fixed on to the substrate already applied with the cement. This procedure should be affected to lay the graphite tiles which will ensure a better bonding.

Note that the mixed cement, when looses its workability is to be discarded and not to be used. The cement when it starts rolling back onto the trowel, while applying on the tile or substrate, is an indication that the cement has lost its workability. This usually happens after 20 to 25 minutes at moderate room temperature. of 30oC.

After Treatment of the Laid Cement

Furacor FG cement hardened at room temperature for about 5 days usually exhibits high degree of chemical resistance and strength. In order to achieve optimum chemical resistance, particularly to solvents, thermal after treatment is advisable.

Safety Precautions during use

Experience has shown that it is not harmful for FURACOR FG powder and the ready mixed composition to come in contact with the skin. It should be cleaned copiously with water. while working with the cement, protective hand gloves and goggles should be used else it may cause skin and eye irritation. The fumes or gases evolved out of the cement while working should be driven away by a fan or by supply of air.


In our experience , Furacor FG Powder and Resin can be stored without damage for more than 18 months. Care should be taken that the powder and resins should be tightly packed and stored in a dry place. No moisture or air should come in  contact with the material.


The resin is packed in Jerry Cans or Drums and the powder is packed in Polyethylene bags.

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