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OUR USP:- Manufacturing of Anti Corrosion Products Furane Resin, Furane Polymer Concrete, Furane fiber Reinforced Plastics, Furfuryl Alcohol Modified Phenolic Resin, High Temperature Resistant Cement.

About Us :- Furnova Polymers Ltd has been in the forefront in providing the state of the art anti corrosive products, Furane Resin based compounds for corrosion prevention and chemical resistance application to various industry segment as per international standard.
Furnova Polymers Ltd has pioneered in the development of various anti corrosive products especially form Furane Resin for various applications along with other anti corrosive products.

Our products :- are broadly classified into membranes, Acid Alkali resistant cements, Joint less Monolithic Screadings, Self leveling Flooring, Industrial Anticorrosive coatings.

Quality Statement :-Furnova Polymers Ltd. is committed to bring quality products in the given time limit. Backed with qualified workforce, we at Furnova Polymers Ltd. work with total commitment to quality.

Our Mission :- We believe in long Term, Transparent and Trustworthy relationship and work hard to achieve the same.

Furane Polymer Concrete Furane Resin Cement

Furacor-500 is a two component cement based on furane resin and graded silica fillers with a catalyst
Furane Polymer Sealants Furane Graphite Cement

FG Cement is a two component cement based on Furan Resin
Furane Polymer Graphite Phenolic Cement

Furacor-400 phenolic cement is a thermo setting plastic , based on a composition of phenol formaldehyde resin 
Furane cement Potassium Silicate Based Cement

Silicor-501 is a self hardening silicate cement mortar based on Potassium.
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