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Potassium Silicate Based Cement (Silicor-501)

Silicor-501 is a self hardening silicate cement mortar based on Potassium. It is supplied as a two components system Viz, Silicor-501 solution and Silicor-501 powder. Both powder and solution are mixed clean to result mortar. Since pot life of the mixed mortar is very much limited they have to be mixed in small quantities. The cement is used for bonding of A.R.Bricks, tiles and stone wares etc. for tank linings and floor surfaces for resistance to all acids excluding hydrofluoric acid and fluoride salts.

Physical Properties


Tensile strength Kgs./Cm                  220-25
Compressive Strength Kgs./Cm
Flexural Strength Kgs./Cm
2               40-45
Bonding Strength Kgs/Cm
2                5-6
Work time at 272
C Kgs. /Cm2            Min.20 mts.
Temperature Limit                           600

The tests are conducted as per IS:4456 (Part I) and the result confirms to Is:4832 (Part II)

Instruction for use

SILICOR-501 cement mortar is supplied in two components viz. Powder and solution as stated above. Both components should be used neat without mixing any foreign materials. The solution should be taken in a clean enameled basin and powder should be added slowly. The reverse should never be adopted. The ratio of powder to liquid should be kept at 3:1. All lumps in the powder should be broken thoroughly. Slight adjustment in the ratio will not make much difference in the properties. It is however advised to mix up the components in the proper ratio to achieve optimum properties. The pot life of the mixed mortar is very limited, hence small quantity sufficient for about 15/20 minutes should be mixed at a time. The mortar is sensitive to temperature. In summer the working time is further reduced.

After Treatment

In order to obtain optimum chemical resistance, an acid treatment is essential. A suitable acid treatment agent is 20% alcoholic sulfuric acid. (Mixture of 20 parts, by weight, of water plus 20 parts, by weight , of sulfuric acid 96% plus 60 parts,by weight of  ISO Propyl Alcohol). Lining and coverings, protected with silicate cement should not be put in to operation, not earlier than 8-10 days of completion of the job.

Standard Packing

Powder :50 Kgs in Polythene Lined Bags

Liquid :250 Kgs. in Steel drums

Storage Life

Both powder and liquid , if kept away from sun and cryogenic condition, can be stored for a period of 24 months.


Both SILICOR-501 powder and solution should be stored in dry place away from sunlight in sealed bags/drums

The drums and bags should be closed properly after using the material from the packings.


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